5 Proven Techniques for Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Healing Trauma

I had the wonderful opportunity of being interviewed by ‘Forbes 30 under 30’, Zareef Minty yesterday on INX Prime TV about my work as a Life-Alignment coach in the context of Mental And Emotional Well-Being.

One of the questions Zareef asked me was

Why someone should have a 1:1 session with a Life-Alignment Coach?

These are the top reasons people come to me for coaching sessions, with number 5 being the most popular. I wonder if you resonate with any of these?

  1. Feeling unfulfilled
  2. Feeling as though their lives are out of alignment
  3. Lacking purpose, clarity, and direction
  4. Feeling stuck
  5. All of the above

Often, they’ve recently experienced or are contemplating a major shift in their lives – with relationships and work being the top two areas of confusion.

If any of the above resonates with you – or someone you know could benefit from clarity and guidance – keep reading, as I’ll be sharing 5 tools I’ve used that you can implement immediately to help you breathe and create more mental, emotional, and psychological space.

I’m often asked how I’ve handled the trauma and betrayal of my divorce so well.

The truth is, I’m still figuring it out. BUT what I can acknowledge is that I am mostly doing well and feeling freer, more settled, grounded in my knowing, and open to possibilities than I ever have before.

So here are 5 things I did – there are many more:

  1. I practiced what I preach and teach! I’ve learned and practiced incredible and powerful techniques and insights over my 18 years of coaching, so I diligently started applying them when I was able to surface for air.
  2. Forgiveness and grace. I’ve always been highly critical of myself and took on others’ blame because I felt that I was the one who could have/should have and didn’t do something to help them or fix a situation – even if it wasn’t mine to change. Crazy, right?

So I committed to being gentle with myself and showing myself kindness for all that I did and didn’t do, for ‘letting myself down’, for ‘not being enough’, for ‘trusting blindly’, for ignoring my intuition’.

Note: I’m still practicing self-love because it hasn’t been a natural way of being, as an overachiever and perfectionist.

  1. Choosing to be in the energy of the life I want to create instead of staying stuck in the story and trauma.

It’s a choice. With practice, I’ve been able to catch myself before I go into the past loop and choose the energy I desire to create.

  1. Access Bars. I got my Bars run as often as possible! Bars help silence your overactive mind and calm your nervous system. From this deep state of relaxation, I began sleeping deeply for the first time in my adult life. I became less triggered and engaged in others’ drama – not always, but a lot more often than before. The most significant? I stopped experiencing multiple weekly epileptic seizures. I’ve had only 4-5 in the last year and a half! This, in itself, has been life-changing!
  2. I actively engaged in activities that inspired happiness and joy. I started dancing in my lounge every day. I started spending more time with people who shared the energy I desired. I started playing and exploring activities I had never thought my body was strong enough to handle – stunts, rock climbing, bouldering, and more.

In summary, you have to choose to take ownership of your life – not relinquish control and look for answers outside of yourself. Hoping that a psychic will give you the answers is relinquishing control. Avoiding actively choosing to create your life and keeping yourself occupied and distracted is not going to change anything.

What you ignore, you perpetuate.

My life has significantly expanded through the trauma, and I hope that you’ll choose this for yourself as well.

If you require support and guidance, feel free to book a 1:1 coaching session with me or join my upcoming workshops:

  • Life-Alignment Coaching
  • Vision and Manifestation Workshop
  • Access Bars Session
  • Access Bars Training Class

An inspired, expansive and impactful day to you!

Much love, Petra

Written by Petra Laranjo

Hello, my name is Petra, a Clarity and Confidence Coach, Personal Brand specialist, inspirational speaker, author of 'Living On Purpose' self-help and career development book, founder of the JustOneThing365 social impact non-profit and #rescuedogmom.

27th March 2024

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