What you do now will determine how you walk into the next decade

Waiting for the 1st of January 2020, to make life decisions, is asking for overwhelm.

With just a few weeks to go before 2020, you have a real opportunity to walk into the new decade with clarity, focus and the confidence that you are on the right path – personally and professionally.

“Petra has really helped me from a leadership, assertiveness and purpose perspective during our coaching sessions.  She also helped me prepare for my promotion interview this year by helping me connect with my values and what it is that I truly want and value which translated into preparing authentic answers to questions that I thought may come up.  Petra also did numerous mock interviews with me where her experience as an actress helped me with poise, slowing down, body language and confidence.” B” Head Finance & Banking, ABSA.

You’re currently on a path to somewhere – be it an intentional or unintentional path. Now is the time to course-correct, not on the 1st of January after you’ve been unplugged from your career and professional ambitions for a couple of weeks. Putting yourself under pressure to change various aspects of life just because it’s ‘Happy New Year’, is a recipe for overwhelm.

Don’t wait for this year to end and tell yourself that you’ll ‘start afresh’ in the New Year once you’ve unplugged from the reality of your career and had ‘time to think.’ Realistically, you’ll want to switch off during the holidays and not think about setting new goals / New Year’s Resolutions / aspirations and the what you’ll need to start, stop or change to becoming a ‘new you’ in 2020.

In an excerpt from my book*, I share that “According to Forbes, only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. So, if setting goals, writing to-do lists, and creating vision boards aren’t the answer, then what is?

Some of us repeat the same year over and over and call it a life. Some keep waiting for ‘Monday’ to arrive, but it never does. We have the best intentions, but when ‘life’ happens, we get derailed—and fast. We allow life’s circumstances and disappointments to dictate our present and future.

We can set all the goals we want and have a great vision, but without purpose, those goals (big or small) are destined to fail.”

Don’t gamble with your potential for an inspired life of impact in 2020 and beyond – in your personal and professional life – by not equipping yourself with the tools, resources, know-how and clarity now.


1. How do you ensure that you’re ready to confidently step into 2020? Consider Standard Bank’s tagline, ‘What’s your next?’
2. What do you need (to do) today that will shift the trajectory for your life, career and relationships? Identify that and take assertive steps towards it.

*‘Living On Purpose. The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others.’ book is a life and career development resource which shares the stories, lessons of 50 local and global leaders and the purpose-driven strategies they took in order to create fulfilled lives of impact. (Available in soft copy and Kindle)

“I love this book (Living On Purpose)! I keep it on my desk and call it ‘my corporate tool kit’. I encourage CEO’s and leaders – you need to equip, enable and empower your staff – and I can guarantee you that this book will do this.”
Koo Govender – CEO Denstu Aegis Network: South Africa

Written by Petra Laranjo

Inspirational Speaker. Author. Image Specialist. Personal Growth & Career Coach.

6th November 2019

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