At some point, everyone has dreamed of becoming and doing something great. Something so inspiring that accepting an ordinary way of life was unthinkable. Sadly, many have settled for a life that doesn’t inspire them.

Constraint and limitations form our realities, as fear and disappointment shape our futures. Careers become synonymous with frustration and apathy whilst we hope for a ‘lucky break’ that will bring meaning to our lives.

But you were born for a reason – you were born to live a fulfilled life of magnitude and impact! Discovering and connecting to your unique purpose will bring unwavering passion, energy and opportunity so that you can live your life free of self-doubt and self-criticism, free from worry about your future and able to create the life and business you want.

Living on Purpose – a personal and business growth toolkit – shares the conversations and insights of global influencers, who forged their paths by changing limiting thoughts, habits and self-beliefs in order to impact, inspire and make a difference holistically.

You too can live your life in freedom and fulfilment by “Living on Purpose“.

Discover how to live each day focused, driven and inspired.



Equip, empower and enable your staff


Be a visionary leader


Inspire greatness

by elevating your personal and company image


Learn how to overcome

apathy, boredom, lack of motivation, lack of energy & passion


Design the life you want

at any age


Discover and connect

with your purpose


Make decisions and take action

from a place of confidence and self-worth


Leave a legacy

and make a difference


Be authentically you


Understand why you’re stuck in a rut

and how you can move forward permanently!


Change your state of mind

and unlock your power to influence and inspire


‘Find Your Beautiful’

once more


Take the steps you need to

in order to change your life


There is an immense difference between ‘living for or with a purpose’ and ‘living on purpose’! This is what I believe to be the genius behind her (Petra’s) work and the importance of bringing this to light.

Ray Stevenson

Hollywood A-List Film & Television Actor

I love this book! I keep it on my desk and call it ‘my corporate tool kit’. I encourage CEO’s and leaders – you need to equip, enable and empower your staff – and I can guarantee you that this book will do this.

Koo Govender

CEO, South Africa - ‎Dentsu Aegis Network

Looking for your WHY? Listen to others who have . . .

Renos Nicos Spanoudes

Actor, Radio & Television Presenter & Award-Winning Writer

This book could not have come at a better time in my life. I am so excited to embark on this new journey of #livingonpurpose – to begin every day with my soul’s purpose in my heart motivating me and my goals in my head directing me. Thank you for inspiring me to #rebuild #relearn #reinvent and to follow my dreams while still making a difference in the lives of other beings! Kerryn Elske

Animal Assisted Therapist

The book taught me the importance and power of habit and discipline. It’s encouraged me look for and focus on the things that inspire me and feed me positive energy in my work space. It reminded me that I have the freedom to choose my attitude, no matter what the circumstances are. It helped me realise that I have the ability to inspire the people around me, even if it’s just one person, by doing one thing, every day.

Megan Bosman

Social Media Manager & Digital Strategist, Honeycomb Digital

Find your purpose and use it to make a difference – an impactful difference… Make your mark!!! Thanks for the inspiration once again Petra!

Felicia Sao

Real Estate & Investment, Aya Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

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