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Author of “Living on
Purpose” Petra Laranjo
talks to us about writing
the book


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Through her new book ‘‘Living On Purpose. The Key To Change Your Life And Impact Others” and the #JustOneThing Viral Campaign, speaker and actress, Petra Laranjo is changing lives across the globe. British & Hollywood actor Ray Stevenson was so inspired, he even wrote the foreword to Living On Purpose.

At some point, everyone has dreamed of becoming and doing something great. Something so inspiring that accepting an ordinary way of life was unthinkable. Sadly however, many have settled for a life that doesn‟t inspire them. Discovering and connecting to your unique purpose will however bring unwavering passion, energy and opportunity, so that you can live your life freely and fully.

Living on Purpose shares the personal conversations and insights of 50 global influencers, who forged their paths by changing limiting thoughts, habits and self-beliefs in order to impact, inspire and make a difference holistically. Through their stories, discover how to live each day focused, driven and inspired and uncover the power of self-worth and the consequence of living your authentic truth.