Petra Laranjo

Who I am & what I do

Who do I serve?

Visionary leaders and organisations who value people and profit.

Why I do what I do

As a business owner, it’s important to me that people who work for me believe in and genuinely support my vision, are proactive, passionate about what I do and who I serve, rally around me in a supportive way, are positive and optimistic, make my clients feel important and valued. I’d like to create the same environment for you and your organisation.

To inspire employees to create the lives they want (personally) and in business by actively engaging in and building up the business they work for.

To nurture inspired and inspiring leaders who have left their egos at the door.

What I do

I’m a purpose-finding, confidence building and personal brand coach, inspirational speaker, published author and philanthropist.

i.e. Topics I speak on: Purpose, Self-worth & Confidence, Image & Personal Brand.


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Founder of JustOneThing365, this is the go-to platform for positive social impact – delivering a practical means to achieve things that change the world, inspire happiness and fulfil your purpose.
JustOneThing365 was officially launched on 11 September 2015 with the intention of making ‘doing good’ easy, practical and inclusive so that it becomes a lifestyle.